Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Wigs Answered

How do you design my wig without seeing me in person?

In order to design a wig for you, we will need measurements of certain regions of your head including the full circumference. Taking your own head measurements is very easy. We do not require a head mold to accurately size a wig for you. The only other things we require are a photo of your desired hairstyle and your color choice. Your free hair assessment package includes full instructions on how to successfully measure your own head for a custom fitting and provides information on how to choose colors and styles.

How long does is it take to get a wig made?

If you live in Canada, we guarantee to have your custom wig or hairpiece delivered confidentially to your home or office within 60  days. The process for designing wigs takes time and since all of our wigs are all handmade and hand tied strand by strand to perfection – –  good work, takes  time.

We know how important it is to have your hair sooner than later so that is why we assign each customer to his or her own wig technician to ensure the same person who starts your wig, finishes it to perfection. This is the best way to ensure fast, quality service for all of our valued customers.
How long will my new human hair wig or hair piece last me?

With proper care, your human hair wigs products can last up to two years. Our Repeat customers usually come to us once a year on their order anniversary dates for a new order and some customers contact us regularly every two years. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

What are your wigs made with?

We only design custom wigs with human hair real hair. The great thing about human hair products is that unlike synthetic wigs that only last 3-6 months, human hair wigs four times as long. If you take care of them and use products formulated for human hair, you would be surprised of their longevity. In the long run, a person spends more money buying synthetic wigs every 3 months than if they just invested in one good human hair wig or hairpiece.

What types of human hair do you offer?

The types of human hair we offer to our customers is made from both Virgin and Remy Cuticle Hair. Our human hair stock includes Russian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Chinese Hair, Indian Hair and Mongolian Hair.

Can I sleep in my new hair?

Yes, of course, you can sleep with your hairpieces on but keep in mind, they will last longer if you do not sleep in them. If you do plan on sleeping in your units we recommend wearing a silk scarf or sleep cap and investing in some satin sheets to prevent rubbing of the hair on your pillow.

How much does it usually cost for a human hair wig custom made?

The standard price for a custom-made human hair wig designed by an in-store salon, boutique or hair restoration clinics can range is anywhere from a minimum of $2,500- $4,000! And the prices don’t stop there, these type of companies usually charge for additional follow up services, and repairs not including additional consultation fees.

If I order a wig from Hair & Beauty Canada, how much will it cost?

We have great news for you. All of our custom wigs start at $1495 to a maximum of $2295 CAD. Shipping on custom orders is free. Prices range based on the type of wig cap, hair type and length. Custom and stock hairpieces range from $500 CAD to $1,000 CAD.

What makes one custom wig more expensive than another?

Prices can vary on many factors such as hair type and length. The shorter the hair, the lower the cost in most cases. And the longer the hair, the more expensive. Any hair over 18 inches is where a customer can expect to see the price rise.

Traditionally, European hair wigs are the most expensive wigs industry-wide since it is the most sought after and hardest to acquire, however, Hair & Beauty Canada still manages to offer the lowest prices on European Human Hair wigs in Canada and North America as we buy our hair directly from a well-known supplier and there are no middlemen involved which saves you money.

Do you for offer any medical discounts?

Yes, we do. We offer discounts for our Repeat customers as well as medical discounts for anyone who requires their hair units for medical reasons! We offer a 10% discount for wigs that are for medical purposes.

Do you provide medical receipts?

Yes upon request, we can provide you with medical receipts to help alleviate your costs by being able to claim it as an expense on your taxes or with your medical insurance provider. (This varies province to province)

Do you offer any specials?

Yes we do. We offer a discount of 20% off custom wig orders on your birthday and if you order two custom-made wigs or hairpieces at once, we will design the second one at half price. We also send complimentary coupons to Repeat Customers now and again.

Do you have any coupons I can use towards my order now?

Yes, we do. Use coupon code (SAVE75) and we will give you $75 off your order! Please mention this coupon at the time of ordering for it to be applied. Coupons cannot be applied after an order was placed.
Do I have to pay all at once?

No, you can pay as you go! Hair & Beauty Canada understands that a custom wig can be a large expense for many, so we are happy to offer payment plans for our customers. All that we require is 35% -50% down to start the design process. After that, you can pay the balance as you go or upon completion.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Canada Post Money Order, Certified Check, or Bank Draft. For your added convenience, we even accept payment by Email Money Transfer. If you currently do online banking, then you also are able to do email money transfers. Please contact us for more information on how you can pay by email money transfers. Its fast, it’s secure and its all in done in seconds right from your financial institution to ours. Hair & Beauty Canada is a registered business with TD Bank, however, any participating banks that offer internet banking can make payments to us directly.

We also accept payments from PayPal from Verified PayPal Account Holders only. If you do not have already have a PayPal Account but would like one, signing up for one is easy. Simply visit PayPal to quickly register online for your own account and get verified so you can shop with us easily and conveniently whenever you want without ever having to display your credit card information!

What is your Return Policy?

We do allow returns but only for customers who purchase a replacement warranty.  If you did not purchase the warranty, sorry your order is final sale.

Do you offer any types of warranty on your custom made wigs?

Yes, we do offer a warranty that covers full replacement or remake of your wig if you are not happy with it. Please read for more details on this program. LEARN MORE

Is the warranty refundable? No. It is a final sale.

What does the warranty cover? Your warranty covers one remake of your order. If for any reason you don’t love it, that’s okay. We will make you a new one. Keep in mind, like all warranties, we ask that you respect our deadlines. Your warranty for replacement is valid for 30 days upon receipt of order and we must receive a request in writing within 7 days of receipt. The reason we do this is to enable a quicker turn around production time for our customers to help you get your order sooner than later. Other than that, it covers one full remake of your order.

How much does the warranty cost?  The price of the warranty is on a sliding scale based on the price of the order. The warranty is quite inexpensive considering the amount you will spend on your actual order. You can learn more about our warranty program and fees below.

Should I get a warranty? The decision to buy a warranty is up to you. We can recommend the warranty for persons who have never ordered a custom wig before. A warranty is a great thing to have as it helps alleviate any concerns and helps us make you a long-term happy, satisfied customer without issue. If you ever need to make changes, how could you not want that extra assurance that you will leave having something you are 100% pleased with? It’s common sense for your first time.

Most of our customers who purchased the warranty originally and found they were happy with our work, continue to order from us again and again after the fact without ever considering purchasing the warranty again. It helps us earn your trust and give you a product you love. Ordering a warranty is entirely up to you.

Where can I get more information about your Custom Wig Warranty?

More information and pricing is available on our website. LEARN MORE

 Is it possible to see pictures of your work?

Yes, of course you can. We have provided some samples of our work here:


 Have other agencies referred people to your service?

Yes, we have offered donations and medical donations occasionally to persons suffering from medical hair loss. We have also been approved as a resource for various agencies and donated to agencies such as CANAAF(The Canadian Alopecia Aretea Foundation) and are listed as resources on the Canadian Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer Network.

May I view some of your customer testimonials?

Yes, absolutely. We have designed wigs for many happy long-term customers and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Feel free to read their comments on our Testimonials page or view reviews on our store pages as Facebook or GooglePlus.

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