What types of people Order Custom Wigs from Your Company?

Hair & Beauty Canada has designed wigs for people who just want a wig for fashionable reasons and for people who require specialized custom hair systems in relation to medical hair loss such as alopecia or chemo therapy treatment. We serve customers from Canada and worldwide with countries such as Greece, the UK and the United States.

Most of the customers who order custom wigs from us are people who have a petite sized head or a large sized head. Generally wig manufacturers tend to only design Average sized wigs in 22.5 inches so there is not a lot of offerings available to persons with large or petite head sizes. It is unfortunate but, it’s a reality. The good news is, our customers get a wig that fits! And there is nothing nice than a wig that fits well.

Another reason our customers will choose to order a custom human hair wig is that a lot of times there is a wig that has been discontinued that would like made again and also, there are several wigs that our customers love in synthetic hair that are not offered in a human hair style, and since human hair wigs last 4 times as long as synthetic wigs, it seems like the best alternative. We will design a wig for anyone who wants one.

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