What type of Human Hair Should I Choose for My Custom Wig?

Once you have made the decision to get a custom wig made in human hair, the next question is always, “What type of human hair is best?”That is usually answered by understanding your wants, needs and your lifestyle.

Hair & Beauty Canada offers several types of human hair from various regions. For persons who want silky straight hair that remains mostly straight after washing, we would recommend Russian Hair, Mongolian Hair or Chinese Virgin Hair.

If you are someone who wants hair that is versatile, meaning straight when dry but can be curled or left wavy when air dried, we would recommend Indian hair or Malaysian hair. Both types of hair can be straightened with a flat iron but have a beautiful body wave to them after being washed.

The best kind of human hair wig is the virgin hair wig or the remy wig that is removed from the cuticle. We offer various kinds of hair that include the most common, Indian Remy Hair, Mongolian Virgin HairMalaysian hair  and European Virgin hair. European hair or Kosher wigs can be custom made by our wig technicians with superior quality.

Human hair wigs have come a long way on the wig market and are becoming ever increasingly popular. If you need help deciding what type of hair would be the best for your custom made wig, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss several options with you.

Hair & Beauty Canada

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